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Condura Wall Mounted Inverter (Cooling) TS-BXE Series

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Canopus 肯特
3 in 1 Nano-Silver Negative Ionizer Non-Electric Filter eliminates dust, smoke and kills bacteria
HI-SPEED Mode maximizes the output of cooling capacity, thus attains the desired temperature in the shortest time
Independent dehumidification mode is most suitable during humid days
ECO Mode enables an optimum temperature at night to save energy and maintain comfort
SELF CLEAN function can be used to clean the evaporator after the shut down of cooling operation
“Follow Me” room temperature sensor adjust the surrounding room temperature to an optimum level
With anti-corrosive blue fin on the evaporator condenser and anti-corrosive cabinet, the air conditioner is more capable of withstanding rain and corrosion
Cleanable panel and washable filter are easy to be detached for periodic cleaning
Timer can be set to start and stop at any point in a 24-hour period.
Auto swing system distributes cool or warm air to a maximum area
In case of unexpected power cut, Auto-Restart function allows the air conditioner to restart with the previous function setting automatically when the power resumes
Auto-blades function allows the air conditioner with the previous function setting automatically
Remote control
(***Not include installation fee)