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Womens Vintage Bootcut Jeans Ladies Flared Bell Leg Denim Trouser Pants Plus

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These fashion pants, stylish comfortable trousers makes you perfect. It is a perfect one for dating, camping, parties.

Waist(inch.):28 /Hip:37 /FrontRise:8.5 /Thigh:20 /LegOpening:23 /OutSeam:41.5 /InSeam: 32.5
Waist(inch.):29 /Hip:36 /FrontRise:8.5 /Thigh:22 /LegOpening:23 /OutSeam:41.5 /InSeam: 32
Waist(inch.):30 /Hip:36 /FrontRise:8.5 /Thigh:21 /LegOpening:24 /OutSeam:41.5 /InSeam: 32.5
Waist(inch.):31 /Hip:37 /FrontRise:9 /Thigh:22 /LegOpening:24 /OutSeam:42 /InSeam: 32.5
Waist(inch.):32 /Hip:39 /FrontRise:9 /Thigh:23 /LegOpening:24 /OutSeam:42 /InSeam: 32
Waist(inch.):33 /Hip:39 /FrontRise:9.5 /Thigh:23 /LegOpening:24 /OutSeam:41.5 /InSeam: 32
Waist(inch.):34 /Hip:40 /FrontRise:10 /Thigh:25 /LegOpening:25 /OutSeam:42 /InSeam: 31.5

*All measurements are approximate and may vary by size. The actual color may vary slightly due to individual monitor setting.